Anti Virus

Virus Protection and Remediation

The Internet is a dangerous place. It seems like there is no limit to the number of people around the world that would rather put their efforts into ripping someone off instead of getting a real job. Their levels of sophistication continue to grow as they create imitations of legitimate sites that are difficult to detect, setup websites to exploit your typing mistakes (for example, instead of or buy ad space on legitimate websites to infect your systems. One of the most insidious types of attacks is the Crypto family of viruses that encrypt your files and demand a ransom payment to recover your data. While no anti-virus program can protect you against every possible virus, the Webroot anti-virus that we are presently using seems to perform better than most.

In the event something does sneak past the anti-virus program, we have extensive experience in remediation of virus attacks. Often we will employ multiple scanning programs along with manual removal methods to regain control of your infected system.