SouthWare Business Series Software

Multi-User Modular Accounting Software

SouthWare Excellence Series is a modular accounting software package that gives users real-time access and control over all areas of a company's accounting needs. The heart of SouthWare is a core group of general accounting modules that include:

These modules manage all of your business accounts by providing historical, daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial management tools for you and your customer records.

SouthWare is well suited to a wide variety of business types such as manufacturing, distributing, and service. You can utilize modules that best fit your company to automate routine billing practices, schedule service calls with accurate preliminary information, maintain equipment, and manage customer contracts efficiently. Available modules include:

  • Service invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Service orders
  • Equipment servicing
  • Real-time shipping/receiving status
  • UPS Shipping and tracking tools
  • Bar code support
  • Quotations
  • Prospect information
  • Inventory status
  • Vendor status
  • Current pricing

Additionally, modules allow you to import data from other applications, create menus and graphical environments, reduce key strokes, and add or subtract additional fields.

If you are tired of digging through mountains of reports to answer questions about the overall picture and up-to-the-minute financial status of your business, SouthWare also offers powerful reporting modules. You can zoom specific problem areas, create standards for all aspects of your business, and design your own reports.

MAI Computing, Inc. is a full service SouthWare Excellence Series dealer providing installation, training, and support.

Live Portals
Interactive Reporting Grids
E-Mail Integration
Integrated Activity Reporting
Google Charts
E-Document Delivery of Forms
Sales Opportunity Tracking
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NetLink Shopping Cart
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