Consulting & Support

IT Related Consulting Services

Whether your business has one user or one hundred users, MAI Computing's on-site consultation will allow us to implement the best solution for your company's computer, network, and service needs.

Computer Setup

Getting a new PC is a great opportunity for a fresh start but there are often programs and files that will need to be loaded and transfered. MAI Computing can set up new PCs and move files from old PCs, even if the old system won't turn on. We will do what it takes to get your new system up and running how you expect it to be.

Integrate software solutions

Our diverse client base has involved us in a wide variety of activities spanning many different platforms and industries. If you use a specialized program for your business or management, MAI Computing will work with that software's vendor to make installation and maintenance a hassle-free experience for you. With our experience, we can recommend an accurate, reliable solution for your business needs, or fulfill the requirements of a specified plan.

Remote support help desk

Everyday, a situation arises where a client needs some help with a computer related issue. With our remote support capabilities we can have you connect to us for immediate assistance. This saves both time and travel costs. Have us quickly and expertly begin solving your computer problems in a matter of minutes.