Web and E-Mail Hosting

Multiple Options Available

MAI Computing, Inc. offers our customers Web and E-Mail hosting for your convenience. You can choose either POP mail that you download directly to your computer or for more functionality you can choose our Hosted Exchange email for a cloud based solution that will allow you the collaboration you need without the expense and maintenance of an on-site Exchange server. We also offer Secure Server Transactions, Database Solutions, Shopping Cart Solutions and Web Site Design

MAI Computing, Inc. designs and hosts web pages to advertise your business, answer questions about your company, and to help service your customers better. By using an international medium such as the Internet, your company gains incredible exposure at only a fraction of the cost that an international sales campaign would cost. Also, by placing information about your company online, you're able to give your customers information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of your business hours.