PCs and Servers

Custom or Pre-Built PCs

Due to the rapid advancement of technology it has become increasingly important to plan for future changes in your business applications and needs. MAI Computing's systems are built with custom selected components for optimum price and performance, with dual monitor support and a solid-state drive as standard features. Our computers are adaptable and additional components can be added based on your specific needs. When you get your PC through MAI Computing, initial Windows set up is included at no cost, but no matter where you get your PC, we can set up your computer to get it running at its best.

If you prefer a pre-built or small form factor PC, or a laptop, MAI Computing is an authorized dealer for various suppliers such as HP, Intel, Lenovo, and more.


Even with the popularity of cloud-based services, there are advantages to a local file and application server. MAI Computing can select and configure a server so you can share and store files locally and run management programs with the speed you and your employees expect. Along with a proper backup solution, replacing an aging server with a new one can greatly increase your productivity.

Refurbished PCs

Old hardware and software may not be sutiable for business purposes, but an older PC can be repurposed for home use. Our stock changes regularly so contact us for deals on PCs that are otherwise going to be recycled.